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Switching to solar has never made more sense, than now. Get started today to learn about how you and your family can save money by switching to The Plugg Solar Energy.

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  • Be a Home Owner / Rent To Own
  • Have No Bankruptcy In The Last 2 Years
  • Have no large trees covering the roof area
  • Proof of Income & Recent Electricity Bill
  • 20 Minutes of Your Time For The Presentation

Get Paid For Your Solar Panels

Don’t over pay for your solar panel installation package! Stop spending money on batteries! Get your Solar panels set up the right way with The Plugg and start saving money immediately. Improve the property value of your home as soon as the panels are installed. Benefit from 6 months of a flat rate energy bill, regardless of your consumption of electricity. 

Free Quote & Presentation

Within just 20 minutes of your time, you will learn everything you need to know about the switch to solar energy, how much you will save immediately, and how you get paid by the electric company for your solar energy through net metering laws in Florida! Schedule your free appointment today to get started!

High Quality Solar Equipment

The Plugg gets you hooked up and plugged in with the best equipment available, outperforming all of our competitors on the market. Don't spend a dime on a battery pack. Have high quality energy efficiency in your home all year round.

Flat Rate Payments & No Money Down

No money down and a fixed flat rate payment plan for your electricity use for the first six months. Get approved same day! Easy to qualify! Schedule your free quote and start saving money today!

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$ 15000
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Why We Are Your Plugg into Solar Energy

The Plugg LLC. is helping everyone all over the state of Florida get connected to Solar Energy. Property Values go up by 15% once the panels are installed! Energy savings cut down on electricity costs and even get you paid out by the electric company! It’s easy to see why more and more people are switching to solar. So why should you use The Plugg to get your home up to date and saving you money? We provide the top quality solar panels that run more efficiently than anything on the market.